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IPL 2024 playoffs scenarios – What does Delhi Capitals’ win mean for RCB and CSK?


Delhi Capitals’ win against Lucknow Super Giants means Rajasthan Royals are assured of a place in the top four. With Kolkata Knight Riders already through, it leaves two playoff spots up for grabs. Here’s a lowdown on each team’s chances.

Delhi Capitals

Played: 14, points: 14, NRR: -0.377

DC finish their IPL 2024 on 14 points, but their net run rate of -0.377 means they have almost no chance of finishing among the top four. For them to make the playoffs, they’ll have to hope that CSK beat RCB and finish on 16, and SRH lose their last two matches by big margins so that their net run rate slips below that of DC. Given the difference in their net run rates currently, that translates into a combined margin of defeat of 194 runs for SRH in their two matches (if they are chasing 201 each time). Barring miracles, that means DC’s season has come to an end.

Lucknow Super Giants

Played: 13, points: 12, NRR: -0.787
Remaining match: MI (a)

LSG can still finish on 14 points, but even if they score 200 in their final match against Mumbai Indians and beat them by 100 runs, their net run rate will only improve to -0.351. Long story short, like DC, LSG are out of the race too, barring several miraculous results.

Royal Challengers Bengaluru

Played: 13, points: 12, NRR: 0.387
Remaining match: CSK (h)

If SRH get at least one more point – either through a washout or a win – then RCB’s only chance will be to finish ahead of CSK on the points table. That means beating them by at least 18 runs, if they score 200. If they’re chasing 200, they will need to win in about 18.1 overs (depending on the runs scored off the winning shot). If their margin of victory is smaller, they can qualify only if SRH lose both their games, by any margin, and stay on 14. A defeat or a washout against CSK will knock RCB out of the tournament.

Chennai Super Kings

Played: 13, points: 14, NRR: 0.528
Remaining match: RCB (a)

A win against RCB on Saturday will ensure a playoff qualification. If they lose by a margin under 18 runs (chasing 200), then their net run rate will stay above that of RCB’s. If they lose by a larger margin, they will have to hope that SRH lose both their remaining games and finish behind CSK on run rate, in which case both CSK and RCB will qualify.

Sunrisers Hyderabad

Played: 12, points: 14, NRR: 0.406
Remaining matches: GT (h), PBKS (h)

SRH need only one more point to ensure qualification. If they lose both matches, then they will have to rely on CSK beating RCB, assuming SRH keep their net run rate above that of DC. If SRH lose both matches and RCB beat CSK, then they can only qualify if CSK’s net run rate drops below that of SRH. If they lose each of their games by a run, CSK will have to lose by 42 runs for their net run rate to slip below that of SRH.

However, SRH could also be in contention for a top-two finish if they win one, or both, of their remaining matches.

Rajasthan Royals

Played: 12, points: 16, NRR: 0.349
Remaining match: PBKS (h), KKR (h)

RR have qualified for the playoffs, but to make it to the top two, they might have to win one or both of their remaining matches, depending on how the other results go. If they lose both games and stay on 16, then SRH and CSK can both finish ahead of them.

S Rajesh is stats editor of ESPNcricinfo. @rajeshstats

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